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Farmers State Bank has learned of a widespread telephone phishing scam. Cardholders may receive what appear to be automated phone calls or texts, telling them that their ATM/Debit cards are locked.

The automated message requests call recipients to "Press 1" where they are to enter their 16-digit card number into their telephone key pad. Once this is entered, the scammers are then requesting the card’s Personal Identification Number (PIN). The scam artists are attempting to obtain customer card numbers and PINs in order to gain access to customer accounts via ATMs or POS (point of sale) purchases.

Farmers State Bank or our Debit Card / ATM Card processor will not request card, account information or PIN numbers from cardholders over the phone. In many cases, phishing scams, whether by phone or through emails, attempt to gain personal information from cardholders.

If you receive calls or texts that you suspect are phishing attempts, please capture as much information as you can, including the phone number from which you received the call or text. Once the information is gathered, please call us at 970-842-5101 in Brush or 970-345-2226 in Akron. Thank you.


We occasionally receive reports of phishing emails being sent from what appears to be a Customer Service number for our NetTeller banking product. The email address is: and has the subject line of NetTeller Watch Notice.

These are "Phishing emails" trying to get customers to click on the embedded access link. These emails are not coming from The Farmers State Bank or our NetTeller online banking product. Please DO NOT click on the link. It is recommended to permanently delete the email.

Please know that The Farmers State Bank will NEVER send you an email asking for your personal information or asking you to access any of our services by clicking on a link. If you receive an email like this, for your own protection DO NOT CLICK on any link and DO NOT SEND any personal information. Even if the website and/or email appear genuine-DO NOT CONTINUE!

If you have any questions please call our customer support team at (970) 842-5101 or (970) 345-2226.