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The Farmers State Bank

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Like many of our parents, grandparents and now great-grandparents, the Farmers State Bank was a northeastern Colorado pioneer in 1915. There have been numerous changes to the banking landscape since our charter date, but the bank remains locally owned and operated right here on the plains of northeastern Colorado.

Our specialty is knowing and serving you, the customer. Our success depends upon your success, and we thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Thank you for being part of the Farmers State Bank.


Photo Contest!

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Here are some of the great photos that we have received!


Submitted by:  Wes Sailsbery                                                        Submitted by:  Wes Sailsbery



Submitted by:  Brenda Way                                                            Submitted by:  Brenda Way



Submitted by:  Susan Coronado                                                    Submitted by:  Brenda Way



Submitted by:  Stacia Marin                                                             Submitted by:  Diana Daniel



                                                                                                            Submitted by:  Traci McMillion



                                                                                                            Submitted by: Susan Coronado



                                                                                                            Submitted by:  Susan Coronado



Submitted by:  Judith Gunnon                                                        Submitted by:  Richele Staley



Submitted by:  Judith Gunnon                                                       Submitted by:  Wes Sailsbery

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